Redirect Sub-sub Domains on Multi-Tenanted Websites

I run the SOP creation and implementation website Way We Do. It is a multi-tenanted website in as far as each company that signs up chooses their own subdomain and can customize the branding. During the sign up process, we had to be very clear to the non-technical user exactly what choosing a subdomain was […]

Minifying a RequireJS Website During Publish With Visual Studio

I have recently been working on converting my web application to use requirejs. I have been very happy with the benefits of moving to a modular approach but optimizing using r.js during the deploy to test/production did not seem very elegant. Most solutions suggest building your javascript into a release folder within your project and […]

ReCSS with Combres Support

I have made extensive use of the great bookmarklet ReCSS that reloads a page’s css without reloading the entire page. It saves masses of time when developing UI but I noticed that on certain projects it has no effect. I realised that this was because those projects were using the equally useful Combres resource combining […]

TFS Build And Multiple Websites In One Web Role On Azure

Since the 1.3 sdk update, setting up multiple websites on a single web role is pretty straight forward. However, there is a little bit of a gotcha when using TFS build to compile and publish the packages. The problem is that when you combine two or more website projects into a single role, the azure […]

A JQuery UI Dropdown List

In a recent iteration of that I have been working on, I was asked to create a form that is far removed from the look of standard browser form controls. In particular, the dropdown lists look nothing like the native control and could not be reproduced using only css. This led me to the […]

Git Extensions Quick Tip – Updating remotes

I have both a desktop and a laptop that I work on and use Git Extensions. Every so often I create a branch on one machine, commit it and then push it to my remote origin. My problem is that when I boot up my other machine, I can never remember how to see that […]

Using a Resource File for NHibernate Validation Messages

I have recently started using NHibernate for a project because I wanted something that would work in Mono on linux and coupled with Fluent NHibernate, seemed like the best choice to work with MySql. It wasn’t long before I began to use the NHibernate Validator framework to provide some validation on my models. Using it […]

CodeIgniter Snippets for Visual Studio

I thought I would share something I have been using for quite a while now and find incredibly useful. They are two snippets for Visual Studio that create the standard file start and file end for php files in the codeigniter framework. If you are not sure what I mean then check out the files […]

Convert to Apple Lossless Codec: The Easy Way

Playing lossless codecs like APE or FLAC in itunes or on your iphone is not so easy as there is no native support for them. Converting them to the Apple equivalent is also quite tricky. Many people recommend installing media players that support this conversion or purchasing a commercial product to do it. However, there […]

Using Beyond Compare 3 With Git Extensions

It seems I have gained a reputation amongst my peers to be a diff tool hopper. That is, I am on a quest to find the perfect diff tool for my development. I think I have given just about every free tool out there a good run for it’s money and tend to move to […]