Git Extensions Quick Tip – Updating remotes

I have both a desktop and a laptop that I work on and use Git Extensions. Every so often I create a branch on one machine, commit it and then push it to my remote origin. My problem is that when I boot up my other machine, I can never remember how to see that new branch on the origin in order to pull it down and continue working on it. So mainly for my benefit, here are two different ways to do it:

  1. Open up a git bash and type ‘git fetch’ or…
  2. Click on Remotes->manage remote repositories, click on the Default Pull Behaviour tab, click Update all remote branch

Its a little bit hidden away in the Git Extension UI, so thats probably why I have so much of a problem finding it.

Update remote repositories


2 thoughts on “Git Extensions Quick Tip – Updating remotes

  1. Thank you! I have the same situation as you and your solution is exactly what I was looking for

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